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  1. So, Which is it? Does Game of Thrones Save Prostitutes or Make Them?

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    2017-06-18 by Call Me Sunshine

    EDITORIAL: The truth is below. George RR Martin said it himself. He hires pornstars for his set because they will …
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  2. ‘I Disgusted Myself’: Germany’s Most Woman-Hating Male Pornstar Comes Clean about Making Violent Porn

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    2016-07-03 by Call Me Sunshine

    Broadly by Lisa Ludwig MAY 20 2016 Rafael Santeria was a self-described misogynist poster boy for Germany’s hardcore porn scene. Now he’s …
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  3. First Derek Hay, Now His Fav Torture Chamber KINK Runs to Las Vegas in Attempt to Avoid the Law

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    2014-07-21 by Call Me Sunshine

    EDITORIAL: Only problem with that, Derek and Peter, is that Vegas requires condoms for ALL sex work TOO. You can …
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  4. Shades of Grey: What Now That BDSM Has Gone Mainstream?

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    2012-12-20 by Call Me Sunshine

    On By: Susan Hawthorne  In mid-November Fifty Shades of Grey was listed for the Britain’s National Book Award in the popular fiction category. It …
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    2009-09-30 by Call Me Sunshine

    Okay, I figured we both could use a good laugh so I decided to share some pix of our prestigious power …
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